SaaS/Elixir Consulting

Hello! My name is Arvid Kahl, I am a software professional from Berlin, Germany.

I have worked in tech since 2004. Here is my CV.

These are the things I did:

I will help you with starting, stabilizing and growing your SaaS company. Together with my partner Danielle Simpson, I founded FeedbackPanda in 2017 and bootstrapped it to profitability in the EdTech market. You can find out more about FeedbackPanda on Facebook, Twitter and on IndieHackers.

I will help you architecting, coordinating and implementing your Elixir projects. Over the last years, I worked for two IoT companies before founding FeedbackPanda, and all three companies use Elixir as their main server-side language.

Drop me an email at with a short project description and I will consider your project.